It’s Good To Have A Break

3 06 2008

So, I’ve been on a little break from my usual heavy-duty music digestion and blogging.  For once, I managed to look outside and take in the beauty that is SUMMER.  I’ve worked outside on my lawn, hung out with some friends, helped my girlfriend with the painting of her bedroom (a glorious Smurf blue, by the way), and even began the long process of reconfiguring my own bedroom, with a lovely corner dedicated solely to guitar amplifiers (The Rock Side of the World, I’ve named it).

Don’t worry, I’ll have something major and productive here in a bit.  But, in the meantime, I’m giving TP Duderman a quick breather.

-TP Duderman
Turbonegro – Monkey On Your Back *Apocalypse Dudes has been the album of the moment for me lately*