I Might As Well…Again: TP Duderman Finally Finishes His Thoughts on Weezer’s Red Album

30 05 2008


Finally, the last two songs (as well as a bonus track) from Weezer’s upcoming self-titled album (or, you know, The Red Album) were leaked, allowing me to fully gather my thoughts on this strange, strange effort from Rivers Cuomo and the gang.

9. Automatic – The big Pat Wilson song of the bunch, where he contributes on drums (obviously), guitars, and lead vocals. Despite the track not appearing in the first leak, the remix appears on the soundtrack of the videogame Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. At first, I feared the worst (Pat Wilson and dance beats just doesn’t mesh well), but hearing it in its original form was a relief, since it really is a decent rock song. “Automatic” would belong perfectly on a Special Goodness release, to tell you the truth. Within this Weezer album, though? Considering how odd it is, The Red Album is just as good a home, even though I think it would’ve fit more towards the beginning in the track sequencing. It just sounds awkward towards the end.

10. The Angel and the One – A slow-building love song, with gradually intensifying guitars, a little organ flourish here and there, and Rivers singing his little moustache’d heart out. The lyrics this song possesses easily recalls his earnest work on The Blue Album and Pinkerton, which is a huge compliment. Personally, “Only In Dreams” is my favorite Weezer ender, but this is tough competition. A really GOOD finish.

11. The Weight (The Band cover) – Along with the last two songs, this UK-only bonus track came with my copy of the album. It’s a fun, laid back cover, with acoustic guitars and great harmonies all throughout. Not Weezer-fied at all, as it remains mostly a homage to the original off The Band’s classic Music From Big Pink.

So, in conclusion? Weezer’s third self-titled effort (and sixth album altogether) is an interesting album. To me, it’s kinda like getting on a new red bicycle; it may seem familiar (hey, it’s ONLY a bicycle, right?), but you need some time with it to truly understand its quirks (ugh, not one solo in sight) and how it works. Once you do, it’s an absolute pleasure.

Weezer – The Weight (The Band cover)




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